Raw power Bowl with Crispy Chickpeas

Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free


Power Bowls are hands down one of my fave dishes to create!

You get a nice variety of food AND you can use up the odds and ends from the fridge. I always find that power bowls help to bring out my creativity in the kitchen. Power bowls are wicked for meal prepping on a Sunday night - you can prewash, cut and pretty well assemble ahead of time in individual glass containers. 

When creating a power bowl, you want to include: protein, good fat and fibre. Yes, I usually do like to add a gluten-free grain to the mix (eg. quinoa, brown rice, millet). From there you can add delicious dressings, hummuses, nuts and seeds for crunch, etc...it's totally up to you! Just make sure that you have a BIG enough bowl to accommodate all the goodness ☺.


Cooked quinoa - a gluten-free and protein packed grain.
Kale- massaged of course! This makes it softer and less spiky in your mouth.
Raw spiralized beets (I use a Spiralizer for this!)
Cucumber slices
Avocado slices - for some good fat
Crispy Chickpeas
Raw pumpkin seeds - sprinkled on top

Dressing: Apple cider vinegar, olive oil (you can use any fave raw oil here), dried green onions, Himalayan sea salt & pepper.
Shake shake shake!