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Hi Friends!

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   My name is Miya and I am a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach and Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert (What's a CNE?).


   Alright so my name is Miya (pronounced my-ah, not mee-ah!). My parents were quite forward thinking, I almost became River or Willow I am told!. I am a 20-something millennial that was born and raised in Toronto, Canada as a vegetarian. I already sound weird don't I?

My Food & Lifestyle Values

   People tend to ask me what diet I follow. Well the truth is it's a diet that I have created for myself. It's a diet that works for my body that has evolved over time through my very own health journey.
   I believe in an organic and local diet (as much as possible). I think it's important that people understand where their food is coming from and that it does not just magically appear on their dinner plate. I value meat and seafood that have been ethically raised or caught, and naturally fed without hormones or antibiotics. I value an environment that is natural and chemical free where possible (what I can control). I do not use chemically laden soaps, laundry detergents, air fresheners, cleaning products, you name it! I guess you could call me a hippy, and someone who believes in a lifestyle that doesn't contribute to disease. 

A few fun facts!

I am an au naturel ginger!

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada aka 'The Six'

I have never eaten red meat before or bacon (at least not YET, you never know!)...DUH DUH DUH!

In 2013 I went paragliding in the Swiss Alps and on our rollercoaster ride down, I yacked the WHOLE way to landing

My parents never gave me a middle name, so in elementary school I decided that my middle name would be Kimberly because I wanted to be the Pink Power Ranger (I told everyone for years that Kimberly was my middle name). 

I went to overnight summer camp for 12 years and went on a 10 day camping trip where I made homemade deodorant from fresh pine needles...because a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to stay fresh (shoutout to Camp Couchiching ♡)

I am a die-hard Sam Roberts fan! My besties and I hit up Bala, Ontario in Muskoka every Labour Day Weekend for his annual show! #CanadianTuxedo

How did i get to where i am today?

   From the very beginning my parents introduced me to real, healthy organic food. As a kid I didn't quite understand it, but I figured there had to be something to it. On weekends I enjoyed shopping trips to the Big Carrot, a well-known natural food market on the Danforth (aka Green Town), that was really the biggest health food shop you could find (before Whole Foods came on the scene). I will always remember that distinct health food smell that the store had and that really every natural foods store has (I can't really describe it, but if you have been in a store like this then you will get it). One of my favourite parts about going to the Big Carrot was grinding my own almond butter or peanut butter! Oh man did that stuff taste good, and the best part was that there was nothing but nuts in it! I had no idea that most of my friends were eating sweetened peanut butter with the cute squirrel or teddy bears on it. I didn't know what this stuff was when I was young.

   I remember birthday parties at home where my mom would make the coolest cakes ever. I remember one year she made me the ultimate Barney Cake! It was a carrot cake with all-natural ingredients and food dyes of course, some of my friends weren't so sure about it hah!

"From the very beginning, my parents
introduced me to real, healthy organic food."

   I fondly remember packed lunches for school. I always had the weirdest stuff to unveil in our little lunch groups. My friends were usually eating Lunchables and bubble gum flavoured yogurt out of a tube, while I was eating tofu loaf and fresh homemade soups. At the time I felt a little jealous of my friends, but as I look back now? Holy smokes am I ever grateful for the time and effort that my mom put into my lunches!

   So as you can see, I was set up from the beginning. At a young age, the introduction of eating well helped me become who I am today and I am eternally grateful for this. Now of course there have been challenges along the way. In high school and university I was at home less and hanging out with my friends more and was at an impressionable age. I wanted to do what my friends were doing and I didn't really value or respect my body at this point, which I think many of us go through. I fell out of alignment with my body and nutrition for several years and in turn I started to experience some health issues.

   At the age of 8 was when I first experienced anxiety. My anxiety would come and go, but it got substantially worse in university and when I was working at my last corporate job. During these times I was eating extremely poorly, stress was at an all-time high and I was not happy. Interestingly enough that's when I started to have major gut issues. I went for a bunch of really fun and invasive tests and at the end of the day I was just sent home with prescription drug options. There was no mention of diet. And that, my friends, was the moment I decide that things had to change. I could not bear to live with chronic anxiety or debilitating gut issues for the rest of my life. My journey back to my roots and to better health had begun!

My own personal experiences with anxiety have led me to my current area of focus as a holistic health coach: To help women find relief from anxiety by nourishing their mind, body and soul with real food & self-love.


"take Care of Your Body.
It's The only Place You have To Live."
- Jim Rohn

   In 2006 my life changed drastically when my dad was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a type of blood cancer. I was only in grade 11 when this news came over the phone. I didn't really understand what it meant, but at that age I just assumed that this meant that my dad was going to die. In fact, they gave him a 2 year life expectancy. Fast forward 11 years later and my dad was still fighting bravely through this horrible disease. My dad remained so strong. Yes he had some serious up and down days, but he wasn't ready to leave us yet. A month before my dad had to be admitted into palliative care he was still tending to my parents garden and working on his client's gardens (he as a well-known residential Landscape Architect in Toronto) and trimming the hedges himself. I guess that's where my workaholic and entrepreneur crazies came from! On August 25th of 2016 my dad passed away. The doctors could never really understand why my dad was able to stay with us so long, I truly believe that it was because of my dads healthy lifestyle choices; mindset; and of course love.

   Between my own health journey and my dad's I learned so much. I imagine that the universe knew exactly what I would take away from these difficult situations and how I would use them as fuel to help others in the future. Now in 2017, things aren't perfect. Yes I am still on my own health journey and yes I am still working on myself. In a lifetime, you should be continuously changing, growing. I know that I am not the same person that I was in high school and oh boy am I grateful for that.

   As a Holistic Health Coach my goal is to inspire others to take control of their health: mind, body and soul. We must look at the body as a whole, not just physically. I plan to share the knowledge that I learned as a young child and brought back into my life today, in the hopes that others will better understand what real food is and how it can help them. 

"My Goal Is To Inspire Others
To Take Control Of Their Health - mind, Body & Soul"