Upgrade Your Wellness In 2019!
Date: January 13 - February 11th

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Join me for a 30 day group coaching program this January! The holidays bring a lot of good cheer, but are also notorious for extra stress, less sleep, over-indulging, anxiety and sadness.

If you are looking to increase your energy; boost your mood; reduce stress & anxiety, all while learning how to create healthy, easy and delicious meals, this program is calling your name!

Yes, we will be looking at what we are eating and work on reducing our sugar intake + any of those other goodies that we may be a little too attached to after the holidays. We will focus on getting health promoting whole foods back into your diet. Foods that help to boost your mood, keep you calm and fuel you for the day!

To get all of this healthy, yet delicious food into our fridge, onto the stove and into our mouths; we will learn how to make our lives easier in the new year by getting comfortable with meal planning and prep. Trust me, it’ll change your life!

Making adjustments in your diet can help you in so many ways; but what many of us forget to work on is what’s going on inside, mentally and energetically. That’s why this program is HOLISTIC! Meaning, we work on the whole body - inside and out!
You can eat all the healthy food you want and work your little booty off at the gym, but if you aren’t addressing the sh*t that you are thinking and feeling, then girl you are not going to see all of those changes you so desire to see.

Ever feel depleted or drained energetically and emotionally? How about after the holiday season? How about after being around that particular family member?

This 30 day program is going to help you begin detoxing some of the sh*t that you may be holding on to and help you raise your vibration - your natural energy.

Let’s start off 2019 with a little refresh to make this year
all about your wellness!

the 30 day program includes:

Easy-to-follow meal plans - you will receive 4 weekly meal plans - plant-based options, fish, meat. All will be dairy-free & gluten-free. Easily
Recipes & grocery lists as per the meal plans
Private Facebook group for community support, accountability and coaching with me from January 13 to February 11th!
Weekly LIVE video covering a new topic each week - recordings will be provided if you cannot make the LIVE time.
Weekly LIVE Q&A session