What does plant-based mean? Let's dissect this trendy term!

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Plant-based: a term that is popping up everywhere, including on my page!

Does this mean vegan? Does this mean vegetarian, pescatarian or even a diet that includes some meat? Who the heck knows!

I feel that the term plant-based will be interpreted differently based on the individual. I know what plant-based means to me and I'll share that with you here in this blog.

I use the word diet often. I am not necessarily talking about a "weight-loss diet" or "fad diet"; everyone is on some kind of diet, a diet that they create.
the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.

For those of you that have read my story, you'll know that I was raised a vegetarian. My diet included honey, some dairy and eggs. No fish or meat initially. As I reached high school, I did start to incorporate a bit of fish/ seafood into my diet, I wasn't a huge fan though. Once I started university that shifted and I started to love a good piece of salmon every now and then. After I graduated university, that's when I began to have gut related issues; so after some failed attempts, I realized that dairy had to go for the betterment of my health.


Looking at my diet today in the fall of 2017, I am beginning to make some shifts yet again and this is something that I'll speak to in further detail at a later date. At this time my diet is rich in whole foods (tons of veggies and a bit of fruit), good fats like avocado, plant-based protein sources like tofu & beans, eggs, fish 1-2 times a week and dairy only stuck in a tricky situation.

There was a time when I thought that plant-based meant vegan, however after researching, talking to others and putting together my own diet, I realized that it does not necessarily mean vegan (nothing that comes from an animal, including honey).
My realization, or philosophy if you will, on what a plant-based diet means is

a diet that is around 80%+ rich in plant-based, minimally processed whole foods. The diet is primarily based around the consumption of plant foods.

The other percent is left for you to decide. Decide based on what works with your body, what your body needs and what will help your body heal.

This may change as you go through the stages of life, just like mine has already changed several times. Much of this will need you to listen carefully to what your body needs; believe me, your body will tell you!

I also include knowledge as a part of this diet; knowledge of what is sustainable and holistic. I try my best to make smart choices in terms of what I buy and choose to consume within my plant-based diet.
For example, the produce I purchase is organic and local when possible and the fish I consume is sustainable and local when possible.

When I work with clients, we are usually looking at around an 80% plant-based plan for them. Consuming more nourishing whole foods is of the utmost importance. Removing processed foods, sugars, oils, drinks, meat from the diet are all part of the process towards living a more vibrant life.

If you have any questions about the plant-based diet or how my coaching services work, feel free to comment below or email miya@betoblossom.com.



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