Tips for creating self-care time ♡


Look, I am sure you have heard it a MILLION times by now: "you need to create more time for self-care" (said in a nagging, old lady voice) and maybe you have heard me say it a MILLION times before and are like "OKAY MIYA, PLEASE GIVE IT A REST!".

I GET IT! However, I am here to tell you ONE more time and you can take it or leave it - your choice, your journey.

This time I'll be diving in a little deeper and providing some EASY things you can do that YES count as self-care. It's not as complicated or time consuming as our brain wants us to think.

It was not so long ago that someone you know...ahemm okay me, was NOT at all into self-care. Like zero. As I sit here writing this to you, things have drastically changed. Self-care has to happen on the daily - eg. today I am getting a hair cut, cause well I am starting to look like a scraggly beast, but also because I need to pour some love into my body.

So what made me decide to drop the hustle, the masculine energy...whatever you would like to call it and embrace self-care time?

Pretty simple really. My body felt like sh*t. I was absolutely exhausted, stressed, moody, anxious, depressed, uninspired and my inner mean girl was being a real b*tch.

So alas, something had to change. Every ounce of me was craving self-care time.

Why self-care?

As with my own life example, self-care is important to not go, well nutty!
That's just the obvious answer though.

Self-care time is when you give yourself the chance to slow down. You give yourself the chance to disconnect and just be with yourself and your thoughts. I mean, how often do we really get the opportunity to do this? Not a lot!

Burn out is a real thing. Maybe you think that you are unstoppable (I certainly did!), but I guarantee that if you don't make the time to take care of yourself, you WILL burn out. This is coming from experience. When you are burnt out, you can't be you. You can't be productive.

Many of us view self-care as just another chore, time waster or maybe even a luxury. It's really just the opposite. By giving yourself that ME time, you are refuelling your mind and body - this in turn gives you new found energy and raises your vibration (the energy that radiates from your body and attracts).

That new found energy and higher vibe will help you create and live a more abundant, happy life. It's a serotonin booster. Just the act of self-care, shows that you RESPECT and truly LOVE yourself. This is SO SO important.

Ask yourself, do I truly love myself? Do I love myself enough, so that I actually carve out the time for self-care?
Maybe this sounds cheesy, but it's real and needs to happen to move forward and to feel better mentally + physically.

These are really important questions to ponder.
I had to do this not so long ago. I realized that I never asked myself this before. At that time, I couldn't say yes. So I had to work on my mindset and embrace me and love me more.

Now think about it, when you have say gone to the spa or even out for a walk in nature, how do you feel after?


Relaxed? Energized? Happy? Less stressed? More focused? You betcha! There is a noticeable difference.

So if just a bit of self-care time, can make us feel that much better and fairly quickly, then why don't we make it a non-negotiable?

Well because we tend to fear change, slowing down, we might see this as lazy and embracing our feminine side which is not the "hustle" side, can seem weird. Perhaps we don't want to actually SEE the effects of self-care. Sometimes we put blinders on.

I know that for years, I thought that if I slowed down, I would be seen as lazy and that I just had to keep on hustling.

So once you can understand and be willing to let in the benefits, then you will start creating that self-care time and everything will flow better in your life.

Whether you suffer from anxiety (like I did - chronic anxiety since the age of 8) or you are overly stressed from work, feeling unmotivated, exhausted, sick even; self-care can help YOU so much. It certainly has helped me.

This might be all SUPER NEW for you and maybe even scary or uncomfortable? But there's nothing to be nervous or negative about (let go of those thoughts).

Here are some ways that you can simply integrate self-care into your day - also budget friendly!

  • Curling up with a good book and cup of tea (or whatever comforting drink is your go to!)
  • Listening to a motivational podcast
  • Journaling - how you are feeling, anything that is bothering you, gratitude, etc...
  • Giving yourself a facial
  • Taking a nice, long bath with candles and music
  • Going for a walk in nature
  • Walking the dog
  • Attending a yoga class
  • Giving your body a good stretch
  • Doing a workout
  • Taking a nap if that's what you need!
  • Drawing, painting, working in the garden
  • Meditation

These are just a few examples of easy to do self-care, that are FREE or cost a small amount.


You can also go BIGGER if that's what you need!

  • Spa day
  • Massage
  • Nails
  • Trip out of the city
  • Yoga retreat

Once you have picked some activities that feel good, that light you up, that will get you excited enough that you'll start to look forward to them, I find that actually scheduling them into your day can be helpful.

I actually write them in my calendar each day and it just reminds me to take a step away from my work day and spend some time loving me. If it's easier, pick say two days where the self-care time is ABSOLUTELY NON-NEGOTIABLE and you book that in.
You will start to look forward to these times, I promise!

So if you just take away one thing from this post, remember that step 1 is truly loving yourself and then everything from there will start to flow. You'll make the time.

You can do it!

Sending love your way ♡!