So you don't want stanky armpits, eh?


So you don't want stanky arm pits I hear? I feel the same way!

  In the dead of summer (or apparently September 27th here in Toronto?) the heat & humidity can be really intense and that 'do I smell?' paranoia can creep in really hard! 


With all the deodorant, antiperspirant, spray, and crystal options that are out there, controlling body odour can get really mind boggling!

  When we consider switching to a natural deodorant I believe many of us think about that classic hippy that we may have come across once in our lives that smelled, well, REAL stanky, and then we assume that the natural stuff just won't do the trick.

  I am totally guilty of this myself. For years I was OBSESSED with how I smelled and would not look at natural products. I was so obsessed with my smell that I would carry around a bottle of perfume and some scented antiperspirant that maybe smelled like green apples, and would sneak a whiff of my pits every chance that I could get to make sure things were fresh. Okay, maybe you are reading this now and thinking 'dang this girl is nasty!', but I know you have done it! I see it all the time.
I thought that in order to smell good you had to have a scent of, well, man-made chemical fragrances.

  Flash forward a whole bunch of years and I cannot stand it when I walk into a cloud of perfume, cologne or deodorant (some of them smell really strong). Like, how bad do you smell that you need to bathe yourself in the stuff?

  The truth is that we are using WAY too many products that are doing harm to our bodies, to the environment, and to animals because we think that we need to smell a certain way, look a certain way, you name it. Once I decided that it was time to start cleaning up my products I started researching more and learning about what should and shouldn't be in our products to live a healthier lifestyle.


Did you know that the skin is your largest organ?

  Yes, our skin is our largest organ! Most of us don't even realize (or easily forget) that the stuff covering up our insides is ridiculously important. When you apply something like a deodorant to your armpits, your skin will start to absorb whatever is in it in about 60 seconds. If that product is loaded with junk - and we are talking about parabens, heavy metals, perfumes, or other chemicals - your skin is just soaking them in! Many toxic chemicals that are being used in beauty related products are fat soluble to make things worse. That means that these chemicals can basically just hang out in your body as freeloaders. Over time the compound effect of this can potentially lead to health issues.

  Putting ourselves aside for a moment, consider that in order for many of these products to reach the shelves where we eagerly scoop them up (ignoring where they come from and how they were made), it is 2017 and animal testing is still a thing. We are talking about cats, dogs, rabbits, etc...

  Along my journey of looking for a dang good natural deodorant (don't worry I'll reveal one of my faves shortly), I have bought so many different products to test out. The $$ bills were just flying out of my pocket.

   So when you go sorting through all the products out there (and there are a ton), here are some ingredients that you want to look out for to make a deodorant purchase you can feel good about putting on your precious arm pits. It's a sensitive area! 

  • Aluminum - found in antiperspirants to stop perspiration from happening (hmm well that's not very natural. Sweating helps us with our detoxification process). It is a known neurotoxin (1).
  • Parabens - widely used preservatives and components of fragrances added to beauty products (ingredients within do not have to be listed). They interfere with hormone function and have been found within human breast tissue, so there may be a possible correlation between beauty products and cancer (2).
  • Propylene Glycol - you'll see this in a lot of the antiperspirants and deodorants. Used as a skin conditioning agent. Can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions (3).
  • 'Perfume' or 'Fragrance' - can basically contain anything! The ingredients that make up a fragrance do not have to be listed on a product. A delicious chemical cocktail of various scents.
  • Petroleum or Mineral Oil - yup, you read that correctly...petroleum. Seems a bit weird of an ingredient for beauty products does it not? This stuff builds up in your body over time, the long-term effects are a concern.
  • Phthlates - widely used in beauty products. This is some really nasty stuff that is endocrine disrupting and toxic when it comes to development of babies and the reproductive system (4).


  Okay so thats a lot of stuff to look out for, especially since many of those ingredients go by several different names. To help make your life easier when shopping, I highly recommend checking out the Think Dirty App or the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to verify whether or not your products are natural and safe to use. I used to stand in Whole Foods for way too long scanning every product I picked up to see what rating it received in the Think Dirty App (be warned!).


Now for the good news! I have a fabulous natural deodorant recommendation for you. This product even ranks a "0" on the 'Dirty Meter' in the Think Dirty App!


  A year ago I found Mabrook & Co. at a local artisan market in Toronto. After meeting the owner and learning how they create their products and how much care goes into them I was eager to try some of their deodorant. A year later and I am still using their deodorant and I still absolutely love it! The Vanilla & Mint is pretty yummy (no, I've never actually tasted it). I love this stuff so much that I reached out and offered to become a Brand Ambassador of Mabrook & Co. Yay! 


Here's what makes this natural deodorant the bomb diggity dog!

  • 100% au naturel
  • Organic
  • Cruelty-free, never tested on animals
  • Safe for the environment
  • Free of parabens, aluminum, propylene glycol, phthalates, petroleum, sulphates, silicone, and synthetic fragrance or colour (they use essential oils instead).
  • No marks on your clothing (no I will not make you apply the stuff to any designer pieces of clothing to prove a point)
  • It works! No stanky pits around here!

  If you are sitting on your phone just sweating thinking about all the nasty stuff in that deodorant hiding in your gym bag, grab your upgraded natural deodorant by heading to Mabrook & Co. !

  If you have questions about any of my favourite products or you have some or your own suggestions, drop me a comment below. I am looking forward to connecting!

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