Vision Boards and Intentions - Get New Year Ready!


Say hello to 2019! It’s here and it’s here to stay for another 365 days (okay well a bit less since it’s already the 5th of January today).

Every time a new year rolls around you’ll see all the posts about making resolutions, getting fit and becoming a new you. I tend to roll my eyes at most of this stuff. Why? Okay let’s get into it!

To start things off, new year, new you? Huh? You are still you and you are still going to be that same person inside UNLESS you start truly working on things and committing to making some shifts. Also, I really hope that you don’t want to give up being you; amazing and unique you. Don’t ever change boo.

When people make these BIG and daunting resolutions they are really just setting themselves up for failure or disappointment. Yes I said it. Now I am not trying to get all Debbie Downer here, but I see it every year and I’ve seen it with myself. Over and over again.

If you haven’t taken the time to do the inner work - and it takes time, trust me - those resolutions probably aren’t going to turn out. By inner work I mean really looking at yourself, inside and out. Letting go of old, crummy beliefs and values that aren’t serving you or allowing you to move forward. Shutting up that inner critic. These are just a few things that are involved in inner work.

Without the inner work - after 30 days in, how’s that gym membership treating you?

Now that I have gotten all of that off my chest, I want to provide you with some powerful tools that you can put together today that will HELP YOU get 2019 ready! Tools that help to shift the way your brain thinks and re-program those old thought patterns & self-sabotaging ways.

Oh and the best part - one of these tools involves getting crafty! But like, grade one level crafty, so don’t worry I got you!



A board that contains images, words, quotes, and pieces that inspire you and help you visualize your BIG dreams for the coming months. There is nothing quite as powerful as seeing your dreams laid out in front of you. This board is to help you manifest all that you desire in 2019.
It’s important to place the board in a location where you will constantly see it, where it will help to keep you moving forward and feeling passionate. You are not confined to what you initially put on it, if you want you can adjust your board as you go. Add to it or re-arrange it whenever you feel necessary. Be open and release what does not serve you.
Now keep in mind, you do need to take actions and steps in order for things to unfold.

How to make a vision board:

  1. Get a board of some kind - a bulletin board, cork board, picture frame, foam core, bristol board - whatever is easiest for you.

  2. Hunt down some images to cut out and attach to your board - pictures of destinations you wish to travel to, your family, your dream home office, yoga poses, etc;

    words that light you up - quotes + affirmations that motivate and empower you; anything else that you find important for your vision. Where can you find good images? Magazines, Pinterest, free stock photo sites like Unsplash, or Google.

  3. Cut out the images you plan on using and attach them to your board. You can arrange them in any way that helps to bring everything together or keep things clear. Sometimes grouping things that are alike can be helpful, for example - I ended up grouping travel images together in one section with corresponding travel words, and business-related images in another area alongside motivational and empowering quotes. It’s totally UP TO YOU, so don’t stress about it.

  4. Place the completed board in a visible location - you can even take a photo of it and set it as the background image on your computer and phone so that it’s always with you.

  5. Adjust the board when needed!


These are NOT resolutions, just to be clear!

INTENTIONS are the map that guides you in all areas of your life - they are your fuel for manifesting those goals and dreams. They provide you with clarity. They are what help you make decisions and think a certain way. When there is no intention, there is no map to follow.

They are very powerful when you truly believe in them.


  1. Grab your fave journal (or go get one from Indigo or HomeSense!) and a pen.

  2. Reflect - on where you are, what values you wish to embody, how you want to feel, and what decisions need to be made to get you closer to where you want to be.

  3. Write down your intentions using positive words, and words that you can adjust as you move forward. Why write them down? Why not just think them or type them on your notes app?
    The physical act of writing is very powerful, and there’s just something about putting a pen to paper that allows better connection. Plus, we all know that some time off our phones is a good time AND if we just think them, they are totally going to get lost once we see something shiny. Am I right?

    WRITE ‘EM DOWN! (1)

  4. Okay but what do I write? What does an intention look and sound like?

    Here are some examples:

    I will practice more kindness with myself everyday.

    I intend to manifest happiness naturally.

    My life is abundant and I always have enough to share.

    I won’t sweat the small stuff.

    I will nourish my body with real, whole foods.

    I will make time for myself, even if it’s just five minutes.

    I will honour my body and slow down when it asks.

    I will take five minutes a day to think about what I am grateful for.

    I intend for my partner and I to both feel deeply and richly loved and supported by one another.

    I intend to be open to receiving money. (2)

    *If you need more inspiration, just google setting intentions and you’ll find tons of examples. Don’t get too stuck on the form of these, just write down what comes up.

I really hope that these tools help you to feel a little less AHHHHH starting off 2019 and a whole lot more clear and inspired. I write down my intentions and make a vision board yearly, so all of this is really quite easy for me to speak about. I have seen the power of intentions and vision boards first hand. Just remember to act, but also trust that things are going to fall into place.

If you are looking for more support and a refresh heading into 2019, then I can definitely help you dive in deeper!
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