Are you #onshrooms?


Yes, you just read that title correctly. I just asked if you are #onshrooms. No no no, I am not talking about those magical shrooms that maybe you dabbled in a bit in your younger years.

I am talking about medicinal superfood mushrooms that have some truly amazing health benefits!

Maybe you have seen the names Chaga, Cordyceps or Reishi before? Those names are starting to pop up every where in social media land.

Let's start with my shroom story!

I used to be a coffee junkie!

In university, my order was a medium to large half coffee, hot chocolate from Tim Hortons or a French Vanilla Cappuccino. Of course, I now understand WHY I FELT LIKE CRAP! Sugary syrup, milk and bad, bad coffee. I might get some hate mail after dissing Timmy's, we will see!


The coffee craze continued for years after, THEN I started having gut issues and just a little bit of caffeine would bring on anxiety for me. So that beloved cup of java had to go, at least for awhile.

I was pretty much caffeine free and 100% coffee free for over year. What an interesting time!

What I still love about coffee is the aroma and flavour, as my addiction days are well behind me.
If I am out and about and feel like a warm coffee, I generally go for decaf to avoid the jitters (decaf coffee, by many companies is created in a PRETTY bad way, its toxic as heck. Another story for another day!).

If I am home, I am all about the shroom beverages (although I have started carrying around the shroom coffee packets now LOL)!

From shroom coffee to shroom elixirs, there is actually one for every occasion. Each type of mushroom has its own medicinal benefits, for example "Reishi" is great for relaxation or even sleep - to calm the body. Whereas, cordyceps are great for that boost of energy that you might need in the morning or before the gym. 

Why do I love ♡ these magical shrooms?

  • Jitter-free and anxiety-free (for me), HUGE!
  • No energy crashes
  • No pesticides or toxins!
  • Regular coffee is pretty acidic, the mushroom coffee ain't!
  • Includes powerful antioxidants and immune modulating properties
  • Great for concentration, mental clarity and productivity
  • Helps you relax and reduce stress

Do I have your attention NOW?!
"I won't crash after drinking shrooms, like I do not so long after having my morning coffee?!

MIYA! What is this stuff!?"

The company that provides me with these amazing superfood shrooms is Four Sigmatic!
Coming all the way from Finland, they have brought some truly amazing products to North America.

Did you know that mushrooms are one of the world's most scientifically studied superfoods?

For those of you that NEED MORE INFO, Four Sigmatic's products are also...

  • Organic
  • Sugar-free options!
  • 100% caffeine-free options
  • Bioavailable (meaning that the nutrients are highly absorbable)
  • Vegan & paleo friendly
  • No fillers! For once!
  • They taste amaze-balls!

Over the past few months they have released some new and exciting products such as a shroom infused matcha and superfood blends.

If you are a HOT COCOA person, well who isn't, they have their classic shroom hot cacao mixes which are one of my fave products to enjoy in the evening (they have one with Reishi, so it's perfect for bedtime). These have raw cacao, warming spices and just a hint of a natural sweetener. I like to mix these with coconut or cashew milk to make super creamy and indulgent!

If you are deciding which product to try first, Four Sigmatic posts some AMAZING elixir recipes on their blog (there is even a DIRTY PUMPKIN CHAI LATTE RECIPE, OH HEY!!).

USE CODE "betoblossom" at checkout to receive 10% off your order!

I have my own go to recipe for the mushroom elixirs, here's the yummy details!
It kind of tastes like a white hot chocolate...but without the crap!



1 packet of mushroom elixir (eg. Lion's Mane Mix for concentration and memory)
3/4 cup hot water
1/4 cup dairy-free beverage of choice (I like cashew or coconut - extra creamy!)
1 Tbsp cacao butter (this is what gives it the white chocolate flavour)
1 Tbsp raw cacao powder
Sprinkle of organic cinnamon
Drizzle of local raw honey or natural sweetener of choice


1. Add all ingredients into a blender. Due to the hot liquid, ensure your blender has a ventilated lid so that it doesn't fly off! Yes, I have had many kitchen explosions.
2. Whirl all ingredients and enjoy in your fave mug ♡!

If you are a smoothie person, I have a shroom powered smoothie recipe that you can check out!


I think many of us are trying to reduce our caffeine consumption, but just don't know how and what better alternatives are out there. Once I found Four Sigmatic and learned about their story, I knew that I would be a frequent user and supporter of their company & products.

Just a few months ago, I became a Brand Ambassador! I am NOW able to offer all of you, my friends 10% off any of their products, just spreading the love ♡!
I only promote and work with companies that share my same values, this is extremely important to me.

At checkout, be sure to add the PROMO CODE "betoblossom" to receive your discount!

P.S. I would love to know how you are liking your products! Drop me a comment or tag me @betoblossom in your instagram post/story of you enjoying your shrooms!


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