Be To Blossom


Why Be To Blossom?

The story is that back in the fall my mum and I were making lists of potential names for my brand - like we had some serious lists! The problem was that nothing was really resonating with me.
Then my mum had an ah hah moment and had me come over for the reveal.
Clearly, I liked it because Be To Blossom was born shortly after what felt like a sales pitch from my mum LOL.

Now Be To Blossom has more to it then just the name, which is why I fell in love with it quickly.
When you look at the word "be", you can think of it as a "bee" the insect or as a being, a human being. In order, for us to have beautiful, lush, healthy food to nourish our bodies, we need the bees to pollinate the flowers. When we bring this beautiful, pure food into our household and open up to a life of living with intention, that is when we begin to truly blossom. That my friends, is what Be To Blossom is all about.

Right now we are living in a rather scary time where our bees are beginning to disappear, our natural environment is degrading quickly, food is far from nourishing and people are sicker than ever.
Now is the time for us to open our eyes and realize this! My goal is help others make the transition into a healthier and happier lifestyle, where they are mindful of the impact that living a certain way is having on their body/mind and the natural environment.

many Thanks...

my lovely Mum Catherine,
My uber Trendy Sister-in-law Erin

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The beautiful Bettina Bogar