90 Day Coaching Package


This is more of a transformation package as we work together for 3 whole months!
This package really dives into the holistic side of things (the whole picture - mind + body), as we not only work on your nutrition habits and integrating more whole foods that are healing to your body, but we also focus on what may be going on inside. This means that we work through mindset blocks, limiting beliefs, stress and sh*t that you may be holding onto. These are things that may be ultimately holding you back in terms of feeling better, feeling less anxious, committing to lifestyle changes, investing in your health and eating better.
Let's ditch feeling drained all the time and bring back that natural energy girl!

Feel great inside your body!

Sometimes it can be very overwhelming and confusing trying to figure out all of this stuff on your own, I have been there! You work full time, have a life, this isn't the stuff you want to spend trying to figure out. This is where a health coach comes in!

If you are someone who doesn't know where to start, but you are ready to see long term changes in your lifestyle and how you feel, then this may be the option for you! Working with me one on one is going to help get rid of the overwhelm and confusion!

When working with me, these are a few areas that we will focus on:

  • Goal setting - help you set some goals that are empowering and totally achievable!

  • Introducing more, whole foods into your diet. Taking out the processed foods and moving towards real, nourishing foods that will help you achieve those goals and make your body feel good.

  • Learning how to meal plan and prep for the week, in a way that doesn't suck, it will help you SAVE TIME!

  • Cravings...reduce them and stimulants...yes, I am referring to things like caffeine + sugar. Don't worry, there's plenty of better options that we will learn about.

  • Increase your ENERGY...naturally!

  • Intuitive/ mindful eating. Being more aware of how food feels in our body and seeing what foods trigger certain things in us eg. anxiousness, sadness, sleepiness, bloating, IBS, etc...

  • Mindset - this is HUGE. When change is something that you crave, but there's something holding you back. Your mindset and old beliefs are likely part of the problem. A coach can help you work through these and identify things that you may not see or want to see. The end result? You feel lighter, happier, less stressed!

  • Anxiety + gut health
    If you know my story, I have dealt with chronic anxiety since the age of 8 and suffered from a handful of gut issues such as IBS and food intolerances.
    Over the past 2 years, I have been able to naturally alter how my body feels, in that I rarely suffer from anxiety and my GUT is feeling better than it has in YEARS! I can eat food again! Yes, sometimes I felt like I couldn't eat ANYTHING, without feeling like CRAP! Bloating, the farts, moodiness, weird poops, so much discomfort, low energy...the list goes on.

Is this you?

With my personal experiences and knowledge as a coach, the areas of gut health and anxiety are two that I really love to help women with. I want women to know that there is hope and freedom from all of this.

In this 90 day package you will receive

  • My guidance + support! I'll also be your accountability buddy for 90 days! Sometimes all we need is a little support, especially if we can't find that at home or from family/friends. Everyone is on their own journey.

  • 6 x 45 min coaching calls via phone or ZOOM platform + the call recordings

  • Personalized welcome packet & materials needed to get you started

  • Goal planning sheets

  • Daily gratitude/ affirmations

  • Daily mind, body, soul tips to release stress and ultimately feel happier

  • Food journaling sheets to identify foods/ drinks that are making you feel crummy!

  • Nutrition & diet information/ tips to help you make better choices that are the most healing to YOUR body and give you the energy to get through your day.

  • Recipe guide included or weekly plans (*upon request + additional $75 fee) for inspiration - Easy meals, smoothies, drinks, snacks to take the blahhh out of cooking.

  • Meal prep + planning tips to save you time!

  • Grocery lists/ pantry lists to make shopping easier!

  • Email support/ check in's between sessions

Are YOU feeling pulled? Does this resonate with YOU?

Usually that initial hit or instinct from within is pretty bang on!

So if you felt the, "ohhh this is what I need", "she get's me", "I know I need to invest in my health", "I am sick and tired of feeling, sick and tired!", "I need some support in this journey", "I don't know where to start", "I need help creating a diet that my body loves"...kinda thing
...then simply click the button below to get started today!

Your total health investment

*Payment plans available, please send an to email miya@betoblossom.com

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