They say it takes 21 to 30 days to break a habit! Well that's why I created this 30 day program to help you JUST GET STARTED!

A month of working with me to start creating some shifts in your life.

From giving your kitchen cupboards a food makeover, to eliminating those foods that just aren't serving you, to learning ways you can find relief from stress and anxiety, to seeing your energy start to increase, this 30 day program is where change begins!

As with all my programs, I always use a holistic approach. Yes there is a strong nutritional focus, because you betcha, this is ONE important piece to the puzzle and it can solve a lot of things, but we also work through things going on up there, in your mind.

Mindset, values, beliefs, stress, anxiety can all be MAJOR factors contributing to where you are today and perhaps why you haven't been feeling the greatest or why you haven't moved forward and made the changes you have been thinking about. If you aren't in a place of loving yourself yet, it can be hard to see shifts. I know this from first hand experience.

This 30 day package is a great place to just get started. To gain some new knowledge to make better choices for you and to make things more manageable. You'll start seeing some changes, even if they are small at first. Baby steps!
From eating for your body and learning how to better handle and move away from things like stress and anxiousness.

You got this girl, this is YOUR time!

Are YOU Feeling Pulled? Does This Resonate With YOU?

Usually That Initial Hit Or Instinct From Within Is Pretty Bang On!

So if you felt the, "ohhh this is what I need, I just need to get started!", "she get's me", "I don't know where to start and I know I need some support", "I need help creating a diet that my body loves"...kinda thing
...then let's set up a FREE 20 min Discovery Call to connect and find out if coaching with me is the right fit for you!

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In This 30 Day Package You Will Receive

  • My guidance + support! I'll also be your accountability buddy for 30 days! Sometimes all we need is a little support, especially if we can't find that at home or from family/friends.

  • 2 x 45 min coaching calls via phone or ZOOM platform + the call recordings

  • Personalized welcome packet & materials needed to get you started

  • Goal planning sheets

  • Daily mind, body, soul tips to release stress and ultimately feel happier

  • Food journaling sheets to identify foods/ drinks that are making you feel crummy!

  • Nutrition & diet information/ tips to help you make better choices that are the most healing to YOUR body and give you the energy to get through your day.

  • Recipe guide included or weekly meal plans (*upon request + additional $50 fee) for inspiration - Easy meals, smoothies, drinks, snacks.

  • Meal prep + planning tips to save you time!

  • Grocery list/ pantry list to make shopping easier!

  • Email support/ check in's between sessions

Your Total Health Investment


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